Your Guide to Target Same-Day Grocery Delivery (2023)

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Target’s delivery program is easy, convenient, and one of the quickest grocery delivery options out there. Here’s how to use Target’s Same Day Delivery grocery service — plus our favorite money-saving hacks when doing so.

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Target’s Same Day Delivery service is powered by Shipt.

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Target actually has three different delivery options: delivery through store (only offered in a few states), two-day shipping on online orders, and Same Day Delivery.

Target’s Same Day Delivery is operated by Shipt, a Target-owned delivery service that also delivers for CVS, Winn Dixie, ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, Office Depot/OfficeMax, and Publix.

You can order Same Day Delivery through, the Target app, or through Shipt’s app or website.

Shipt requires a membership, but you can do a 4-week free trial instead.

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When ordering Same Day Delivery from Target, you have three options:

After your four-week grace period, you’ll be charged $99 for the annual Shipt plan, which includes free delivery on as many orders as you want. (FYI: The annual Shipt fee is the same whether you’re a Target RedCard holder or not.)

Use promo codes for Same Day Delivery through Shipt.

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Luckily, there are Shipt promo codes. For what it’s worth, the best time to buy a Shipt membership is on Black Friday. In the past, Shipt memberships went 50% off: $49 for a year.

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There is a $35 minimum for Same Day Delivery orders.

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The $35 minimum for orders is the same whether or not you have a Shipt membership.

Once you check out, your card will be authorized for your shipping cart total, plus 25% more for possible substitutions. It will only be authorized for this amount, not charged. In the end, your card will only be charged for items you actually receive. For example, my card was authorized for $65.14 but only charged for $48.85 when all was said and done.

But your order will only be processed for what is delivered.

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Let’s say something in your cart was out of stock. If your order total dips below the $35 amount, that’s OK — your order will still be processed, and you’ll only be charged for what was delivered (even if it’s below $35).

Some items are excluded from Same Day Delivery.

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Through Target Same Day Delivery, you can order groceries, essentials, toys, baby-care products, kitchenware — just about anything that is in stock at your Target. However, some items are not available for Same Day Delivery, while others simply say “out of stock.”

More than half of the items in my cart said “Due to high demand, item may be unavailable or delayed.” Only two of 14 of my selected items were actually out of stock when it came down to it, both of which my shopper was able to find adequate replacements for (that I approved over text; more on that below).

Currently, Same Day Delivery orders from Target can’t include any alcohol. Womp.

Find a Target location near you.

You can use Target Circle’s offers & coupons for delivery orders.

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You can use Target Circle offers as well as coupons on orders. If you’re using the app, your offers, promo codes, and coupons will automatically upload to your “Wallet.”

On the Target website, you can see Target Circle offers and Weekly Ad deals under the “Deals” dropdown in the menu. Some deals are just for Same Day Delivery.

Some recent Same Day Delivery specific deals include:

  • $2.99 sale on cherries and blueberries
  • 3 for $9 sale on AHA sparkling water
  • 2 for $5 sale on Market Pantry 48-ounce ice cream

Get the latest Target coupons from Krazy Coupon Lady.


Some Target coupons can only be used in store.

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Most manufacturer coupons (MFR single-use coupons) in the Target Circle app cannot be redeemed with a Same Day Delivery order at this time. Manufacturer coupons are typically dollar off ($1 off, $2 off, etc). Target coupons are typically percent off (30% off, 40% off, etc). Most of the time, percent-off coupons will work on Drive Up orders and the dollar-off coupons won’t.

Some in-store promos like $5 off a $20 lawn and garden purchase are also only available to in-store shoppers.

Target does not price match competitors for Same Day Delivery orders.

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Target stores price match, select online competitors, and local printed ads. But, they won’t let you price match on delivery orders.

But, they do price adjust, as they will give a price adjustment after your delivery is completed if you find an item you purchased at a lower price at Target within 14 days.

Use rebate apps to stack with Target Circle offers.

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Target automatically emails an itemized digital receipt to your email with every Same Day Delivery order. You can also look up your digital receipt under “Purchases” in your Target account. Here are the major rebate apps and their policies related to Target e-receipts.

Checkout 51

Checkout 51 accepts all itemized grocery and e-receipts from any retailer as proof of purchase.

There’s some confusion on their website — they say they don’t accept most e-receipts, but in an email on 4/23/2020, Checkout 51 confirmed that, “for the time being,” Checkout 51 is accepting all e-receipts for their rebates.

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards accepts most e-receipts as proof of purchase for their points-based rebates. Link your email account (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, or AOL) to your Fetch account so they can access your itemized Target online grocery receipt to qualify for your rebate. accepts e-receipts as a proof of purchase for rebates. In order to redeem an offer, clip the coupon in the app, purchase an eligible product, then select coupon, and upload a picture or screenshot of the receipt.


If you pay through your Wallet in the Target App, Ibotta tracks your purchase and automatically puts the rebate into your account.


Makeena always accepts itemized packing slips and e-receipts as proof of purchase. Unless otherwise specified, you can purchase products at any store — even online grocers that give you itemized packing slips.

So, how does Target Same Day Delivery work?

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FYI, making changes to an order you’ve already placed is easy — as long as you do it ASAP. Here’s how:

When you place your Same Day Delivery order, you will receive a confirmation email with an “edit order” button. Once the order starts processing, you won’t be able to make changes — for me, that was one hour before my delivery window.

Top 10 Target Same Day Delivery FAQ

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Where is Same Day Delivery from Target by Shipt available?

Target’s Same Day Delivery isn’t available at every location; see if your zip code is available for Same Day Delivery here.

Are Target weekly ad deals available at Same Day Delivery?

Most of the Target weekly ad deals are available for Same Day Delivery. In the Target Circle tab of your Target app, you’ll see featured Circle offers, and when you click on them, each will indicate whether it’s available for delivery.

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But, don’t stop there. Many more Target gift card promos and BOGO offers are available than are featured in the Target Circle tab. If you have a weekly ad handy, make sure to double-check all in-store offers in your Target app. You’ll find that the majority will also be available for Same Day Delivery.

Will I save 5% with my Target RedCard on Same Day Delivery purchases?

Yes, RedCard holders will save 5%, in addition to any other discounts on their Target Same Day Delivery. Sign up for a Target RedCard.

Can I pay for my Target Same Day Delivery order with a discounted gift card?

Yes, Target allows gift cards as payment. You can even store your gift cards within the Target app.

If you’re not a RedCard holder, another way to save a few percentage points on your Target shopping haul is to buy discounted Target gift cards at before you shop.

RedCard holders, before you think about doubling up, a friendly reminder: you cannot get your 5% RedCard discount when buying Target gift cards. RedCard will save you 5% on basically every gift card except Target, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex.

Can I make a Same Day Delivery order from Target with my EBT card?

Shipt/Target currently don’t accept EBT cards, Apple Pay, or PayPal.

How do substitutions for Target Same Day Delivery through Shipt work?

You have three options for substitutions:

  • Text me to help me choose a substitute
  • Get a similar item without messaging me (shopper’s discretion)
  • Don’t substitute and cancel any item that is out of stock.

If you say yes to substitutions, your Shipt shopper will message you when something is out of stock. My Shipt shopper was really fantastic about texting me with out-of-stock items and had a good eye for substitutions.

Can I return an item I purchased through Same Day Delivery?

You can return an unwanted or damaged item the day you got your order or the day after you get your order through this Fix an Issue link or by calling 1-800-591-3859.

Do I need to be there to receive my Target Same Day Delivery order?

You can tell you Shipt shopper via the “delivery instructions” or “special requests” comment box at checkout whether or not you’d like your bags simply left at the door. I asked my Shipt shopper to ring the doorbell and leave my groceries at the door, and they had no problem with this.

Should I tip the Shipt shoppers?

It’s probably a good idea (they make about $15 per hour). You can do this through, the Target app, or with cash at the time of the delivery. Shipt workers keep 100% of their tips.

It was super-easy to do through the app — a box popped up as soon as I opened it stating that my order was delivered, and prompting a review and tip selection for the driver. (Kind of like Uber.)

How can I cancel my Shipt membership?

You cancel your Shipt membership by emailing or accessing your Shipt membership page.

The process is the same whether you’re cancelling a free trial or your $99 annual membership. If you’ve already paid the $99 but it hasn’t been a full year, you may be able to get a partial reimbursement.

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Your Guide to Target Same-Day Grocery Delivery (13)

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