How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (2023)

How To Prepare For Wearing Your Fragrance

A couple of foolproof steps can be taken before wearing your fragrance for the day ahead. These will ensure that you enjoy your cologne to its full potential whilst avoiding any common pitfalls.

How Much Fragrance Should I Apply?

The age-old question of how much cologne you should wear sadly comes with no straight answer. The secret to not killing someone by over-applying or it fading before you’ve left the house is to understand the fragrance.

Understand The Fragrance Strength

Every fragrance is different due to its composition. They feature compounds and oils with different volatility, which affects how long they last. Fragrances also come in different strengths and concentrations, which also plays an important role in their longevity.

The first thing to do is to verify the strength. This is usually implied with terms such as parfum and eau de toilette. You can explore this in detail through out fragrance concentration guide.

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Assortment of Generic & Scentbird Travel Atomisers

Once you are aware of what to expect from your fragrance, you will need to test it. The best way to establish how strong and how long a fragrance lasts is with a full skin test.

Simply spray the back of your hand twice and test it over a couple of hours. Smell the back of your hand over several intervals to see how it’s getting on. This will help you to understand how much you will need to put on at the beginning of the day. You can learn more about trying perfumes with our handy fragrance testing guide.

At this point you may realise that some weaker fragrances won’t last long enough during the day. You can compensate for this by purchasing a travel atomiser to reapply some during the day. These are usually quite cheap and can inconspicuously slip into your pocket.

Understand The Fragrance Sillage

A fragrance’s sillage is something else to keep in mind. Sillage is French for “wake” or and is pronounced “seeyazh”. In essence, it is the fragrance’s trail left by the wearer when the walk by.

The sillage of a fragrance is usually closely related to its concentration. However, there can be some slight particularities and it’s worth checking in a separate test.

Testing your fragrance’s sillage is quite easy. Simply find a relatively empty and clean room and make sure the windows are properly closed. Spray twice into the room, leave and close the door behind you.

Check back every couple of minutes and you’ll be able to figure smell the sillage’s strength. If you can still smell the fragrance in there after 10 minutes, the fragrance is probably quite strong.

How To Prepare Your Skin For Wearing Cologne

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (2)Once upon a time, we wore fragrances cover bad odours because of the long intervals between washing. A lot has changed since then and now fragrances are designed mainly to enhance the way we smell instead.

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (3)Fragrances work best on clean skin after bathing. Taking a shower before you apply a fragrance will remove the body of foreign odours. This will prevent it from being corrupted by previous fragrances.

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Furthermore, a hot shower will open the skin’s pores, which lets the fragrance’s oils seep in. Make sure that you that moisturise before applying a fragrance. This ensures that the skin doesn’t simply absorb the fragrance rather than letting it radiate off you.

Make sure that you opt for a scentless moisturiser otherwise the fragrances may clash. Similarly, some people advocate rubbing a thin layer of vaseline over the spray zones for an extra barrier.

Finally, consider only reapplying a fragrance once during the day. Over-application can cause the spray zones’ skin to become greasy and the fragrance becomes less effective when mixed with daily grime and pollution.

How Do You Apply A Perfume?

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There are several known techniques for applying perfume. Some work whilst some others are ineffective.

A fragrance should be sprayed directly on the skin on the selected zones and left do dry naturally.

Never rub a fragrance into the skin. This will ruin the fragranceas it breaks down the head notes and damages its natural life cycle.

Don’t spray a cloud of fragrance and walk into it. This tends to mostly be a waste of perfume as very little will land on the skin and mostly fall on the floor. The room may smell nice afterwards but it’s unlikely that you will.

How To Apply Fragrance Splash Bottles & Aftershave

Not all fragrance bottles come with an atomiser. Some classic men’s colognes come with a splash bottle whilst more luxurious parfums come with a dab stopper. These are easy to accidentally overdo but also provide more control over where you apply the fragrance.

Applying With A Splash Bottle

  1. Shake 2-3 drops onto the tips of clean fingers or prepare the dab stopper.
  2. Gently apply onto the selected fragrance zones on the skin.
  3. Don’t rub in too hard to avoid damaging the fragrance.
  4. Leave to dry naturally.

Applying Aftershave

Aftershave is an altogether different beast used to complete a shaving regimen. These are usually applied in abundance but with some control.

  1. Thoroughly rinse your face with cold water to clean your face and close your pores.
  2. Moisturise your face or apply a post-shave balm beforehand.
  3. Pour a teaspoon amount of aftershave onto your palm.
  4. Lightly rub the hands together and separate them to allow the aftershave to cook off.
  5. In a downward motion, gently stroke the aftershave from your hands onto your face and neck.
  6. Gently slapping the skin can provide some relief if it stings a little.

Keep in mind that aftershaves work best after moisturising the skin. This prevents unnecessary irritation and allows the fragrance to last longer.

Always wash your hands after applying either a splash fragrance or aftershave. This prevents unbalancing your projection sphere and getting fragrance onto clothes and furniture.

At What Distance Should You Spray A Fragrance?

Every atomiser performs slightly differently. Some are very narrow and liquid whilst others are wide and vaporous.

In either case, the atomiser tends to discharge in a cone shape, which spreads like a shotgun. The objective it to find that sweet spot between spread and concentration. You don’t want to apply a thick narrow layer nor too wide that barely anything lands where you want it.

This balance can typically be found at around 70% of the atomiser’s maximum range as illustrated in the graphic below:

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (5)

70% of the atomiser’s maximum range can usually be found between 4″ and 6″ (10cm – 15cm). However, this can vary between different atomisers. You can visually test your atomiser’s range by simply spraying in front of you and observing how the cloud dissipates.

What Is A Scent Bubble Or Projection Sphere?

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (6)A projection sphere, more commonly known as a “scent bubble”, is the concept of creating a virtual fragrance bubble around you. The technique is to carefully choose your spray locations to ensure that the fragrance’s projection is within a calculated area.

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Fragrances are intimate and seductive with an element of surprise. Therefore, you won’t want everyone to smell it before you walk into the room as it would kill any anticipation.

They’re tantalising extensions of ourselves nd the aim should be to create an exciting journey for the people you meet. Furthermore, by controlling your sphere of projection, you can manipulate the way a fragrance works for you.

For example, when speaking face to face with someone, the ideal scenario is to only give off hints of the fragrance and make them want to get closer. When you lean in for a handshake, it enticingly reveals a little bit more. Once you’ve left, only a minimal sillage trail behind you will have people wanting more.

An ideal sphere is carefully balanced between the intimate and discernable. Therefore, the wearer should aim for a projection sphere that is closer to the face and torso.

Projection spheres require planning for every scenario as that level of intimacy varies. Mellow occasions will require a tighter sphere whilst open environments require a wider radius. Fragrance wear for every occasion below will detail guidelines on specific projection spheres.

Where Do I Apply A Fragrance?

You’ve likely heard about pulse points. These are pressure points on the body with veins and arteries that are close to the surface that produce heat. When a fragrance is sprayed above one of these, it slowly radiates off the skin for a more efficient projection.

There are a number of common pulse points that are common spots for spraying fragrances such as the neck, wrists and behind the ears. Some go as far as advocating behind the knees, in the elbows and biceps as other key areas.

Use the graphic below to identify all the ideal and common spray zones for applying a fragrance.

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (7)

Ideal Spray Zones

In order to maintain a balanced projection sphere, the best spray zones are the following:

  1. Behind The Ears
  2. The Jugulars
  3. Base Of The Throat
  4. The Nape
  5. The Chest
  6. Shoulder Joints

By no means use all of these at the same time. The Sprays zones should be meticulously chosen according to the occasion to create the ideal and balanced projection sphere.

Furthermore, only numbers 1 and 2 are actually true pulse points. At least one of these should be used at all times depending on the others that you have selected. Although the other zones aren’t pulse points, they are ideal locations to radiate the perfect bubble of fragrance.

An Argument Against Applying Fragrance To Wrists

You will see that the wrists, knees and elbows are well outside of the projection sphere. Although they are valid spray zones, they are unfortunately ineffective and can throw off your desired bubble.

Wrists are a particularly popular area for spraying a fragrance. They project efficiently and are easy to access. However, they have considerable drawbacks, which render them less effective.

The hands are regularly manipulated, which makes the wristsprone to breaking down and corrupting a fragrance. They’ll rub against shirt cuffs and dirty your clothes. Fragrance will transfer against desk surfaces and when shaking hands. Furthermore, washing hands will cause the cologne to mix with other scents.

Spraying On Clothes & Hair

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (8)Although spraying fragrance on clothes and hair are quite commonplace, they aren’t recommended as effective spots.

Firstly, fragrance oils are designed and optimised for spraying on the skin. You know when you go to a perfume store and test a fragrance on a paper blotter? It never quite smells right, does it? The same thing happens when spraying on clothes and hair.

The fragrance will fail to cycle correctly due to the lack heat to help evaporate it. Badly pulsed fragrance will linger on the clothes and when another perfume is added, they may clash and contaminate one another.

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Moreover, textile fibres can be damaged by the oils and alcohol content in a perfume. This will wear down and damage your clothes and could even stain them.

Finally, fragrance in hair will experience the same evaporation issues and fail to cycle properly. Hair products will contaminate the fragrance and cause the scalp to become greasy and clog up. What’s more is that hair tends to rub against things like pillows and hats, leaving traces everywhere. Think about anyone who may run their hands through your hair – they’ll end up with old fragrance on their fingers!

Wearing Fragrances For Every Occasion

Every environment is different for successfully wearing a fragrance. Before applying, always think of what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be going. It will help you decide where to properly apply your fragrance and avoid any incidents.

Keep in mind also that not all fragrances suit every occasion. Choose the most appropriate fragrance wisely for it to be more effective.

Note that the number of sprays listed is purely indicative based on a strong eau de toilette. Remember that you will have to judge your fragrance’s strength yourself and assess how many sprays will be enough.

Four occasions have been outlined below with handy infographics that indicate the ideal spray zones. Feel free to continue reading or jump straight to the one relevant to you:

  • Outdoors Daytime
  • Night Out
  • On A Date

How To Wear Cologne For The Office

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (9)

This is probably the most common occasion for wearing a fragrance. An everyday perfume should be discernable but somewhat subdued.

Fragrances project quite easily indoors as there is less pollution and no wind. You’ll be spending your day near and around people. Therefore, try to respect their own personal space with an non-invasive projection sphere.

For maximum effect, you’ll want to this to be barely noticeable when across someone’s desk. However, there can be a slight presence when you get in closer.

Remember that the art of seduction isn’t always a romantic endeavour. Consider how you’ll want to tantalise colleagues and clients when you lean in for a handshake.

Not sure what to wear in this environment? See our guide to the best workplace and office colognes!

Ideal Office Spray Zones & Amount:

  • 1 x behind each ear
  • 1 x base of throat

How To Wear A Fragrance For Outdoors

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (10)

It’s your day off and you’re a man about town! You’re treating yourself to a shopping spree or perhaps you’d like to visit an art gallery. In either case, the world is your oyster.

Wind, pollution, crowds and other environmental factors can wreak havoc on a projection sphere. However, bear in mind that you may spend moments indoors when travelling to your destination or in shops. Therefore, you’ll have to compensate to develop a versatile sphere.

The nape (back of the neck) is a great spray zone when moving around. It leaves a faint trail when moving but radiates on the spot when stationary. Use this as a central point then reinforce it against environmental factors with sprays behind the ears.

Thinking of getting yourself a specific fragrance for casual wear? Head to our guide to the top 5 men’s casual colognes!

Ideal Outdoors Spray Zones & Amount:

  • 2 x behind each ear
  • 3 x nape

How To Wear Cologne On A Night Out

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (11)

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Lads’ night out or looking for love? Either way, you’re going to run into intense crowds, heat and competing fragrances contrasting against the cold night air outside. Fragrance-wear in a club is a battlefield of desperation and nostril violation.

A typical projection sphere will struggle to be effective. Therefore, the aim is for it to be wide enough to break away from the crowd. However, you’ll want to curb it so that it’s not too intense for those that rub passed or against you.

The model to follow is not unlike outdoor environments but with fragrance on the shoulders to reinforce the sphere’s extremities.

Ideal Nightlife Spray Zones & Amount:

  • 2 x behind each ear
  • 3 x nape
  • 2 x each shoulder joint

How To Wear A Fragrance On A Date

How & Where To Apply & Wear Men's Fragrances, Cologne & Aftershave (12)

The intimacy of a date means that the sphere of projection should be carefully reduced to be subtle and enticing. Usually, you’ll be sitting close to someone or across a small candle-lit table.

The fragrance should seduce the person and draw them towards you rather than push them away. It’s a fine line and challenging to find the perfect balance. Use fragrance sparingly and aim for a lowered, controlled projection sphere that centres around the base of the neck.

There are two schools of thought in using fragrances on a date. One is to seduce someone romantically whilst the other is seducing passionately.

If the date goes as planned, you may find someone intimately close to you. Romantically, you want the fragrance to be like a comforting blanket that envelops them.

In short, you’ll likely want them to stay rather than leave. A simple spray at the base of the throat should be more than sufficient.

If the more likely outcome are throes of passion then a bolder fragrance choice and sphere are perhaps more desirable. This means keeping the sphere tight but intense. A spray on each jugular followed by applying fragrance on the chest should provide centralised cover.

Choosing the right fragrance for a date can be a stressful experience. See what we suggest as the sexiest men’s fragrances for dating.

Ideal Spray Zones & Amount On A Date:

  • 1 x base of throat


  • 1 x each jugular
  • 1 x solar plexus

Now that you have explored how and wear to apply a fragrance in detail, expand your knowledge further with our guide on fragrance families. Otherwise, perhaps you’d be interested in learning more about fragrance strength and concentrations.

What Next?

Now that you have read all about applying fragrances, why don’t you check out some more content?

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Do you wear aftershave and cologne at the same time? ›

After showering, shave your face, then apply your aftershave, a toner, and then your moisturizer or facial lotion (ideally containing an SPF). Aftershave is your friend but, if you have sensitive skin, try witch hazel instead. Next, apply a body lotion, and then apply your cologne to your pulse points.

Where should a man apply cologne? ›

Hot spots can include your chest, forearms, inner elbows, lower jaw, neck, shoulders and wrists. We suggest choosing just one or two locations to apply your cologne to ensure your scent doesn't become overpoweringly irresistible. Spray cologne from the right distance.

Where do men spray cologne on their body? ›

"The best areas to spray would be on one's neck, the crease of your arm (inner elbow) and wrist. Here, the cologne benefits from body heat which will warm through the fragrance.

What is the right way to apply cologne? ›

If you're using a spray cologne, hold the bottle six inches from where you want to apply the scent, preferably the neck and lower stomach or upper groin area. The wrists are a great place as well. Don't rub the product once it is applied as it can damage the molecules and cause them to disapate faster.

Where do you put aftershave? ›

Where should you put aftershave? As aftershave is designed for use after shaving, it should be applied to these shaved, sensitive areas – which is generally the face and neck. Its antiseptic properties will get to work on keeping the open pores and cuts clean, while its delicate scent will soothe and refresh.

Which is better aftershave or cologne? ›

Cologne vs aftershave – what's the difference? Simply put, cologne is intended to be used on its own as an everyday fragrance, whereas an aftershave is used to soothe the skin after shaving.

Where should you not apply cologne? ›

5 Spots You Should Never Apply Perfume
  • Eyes. Perhaps one of the most obvious spots to avoid spraying perfume is near your eyes. ...
  • Hair. Hair naturally absorbs scents, which is why it might initially seem like a good idea to spray the fragrance in your locks. ...
  • Hands. ...
  • Armpits. ...
  • Genitals. ...
  • Where to spray instead.
Nov 25, 2022

Should I wear deodorant with cologne? ›

A fragrance-free or light-scented soap, deodorant or body wash is recommended in order to allow your cologne to work with you rather than against you.

Do you put cologne on your shirt or body? ›

Cologne is generally best applied to the neck and chest area. A good trick is to apply it to your chest or biceps before getting dressed. This will trap the fragrance between your skin and clothing, meaning it lasts much longer. What you should never do, is spray cologne directly onto your clothes.

Do you spray cologne on your neck or shirt? ›

Your neck, wrists, backs of knees, and other pulse points emit more heat than other parts of your body. And that heat actually activates and maximizes your perfume.

How many sprays of cologne should I use? ›

Though it largely depends on how strong you want the scent to be, you're best off using 3-4 sprays per application. Of course, this isn't a strict number, but a higher concentration can be overwhelming and cause skin irritation, while a lower concentration will fade quickly.

When should you apply cologne? ›

DO: Apply right after you shower. If you think the best time to spray is at the last possible moment before leaving home—since, logic tells you, that'll give it less time to disappear before you see people—then think again. In truth, the perfect moment to apply is just as you're getting out from under the shower.

Do you put Vaseline on before or after cologne? ›

Smooth a little Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume to make the scent last longer. The ointment holds the fragrance to your skin longer than if you were to spray it onto dry skin.

How do you apply cologne so it lasts all day? ›

10 Cologne Hacks for Men – How to Make Fragrances Last Longer
  1. Check the Concentration Level.
  2. Apply Right After You Shower.
  3. Moisturize Your Skin.
  4. Harmonize Cologne with Other Scents.
  5. Apply On Pulse Points.
  6. Don't Rub Your Skin.
  7. Discreetly Reapply When Necessary.
  8. Line Your Clothes Drawer with Cologne.
Aug 27, 2020

How many times a day should you apply cologne? ›

How many times per day should you reapply perfume? Reapply your perfume once throughout the day if you're wearing eau de parfum or every four hours if you're wearing eau de toilette. The most potent perfumes don't require a second spritz and can work their magic for a full 24 hours.

How many squirts of aftershave should I use? ›

Stick to three sprays (four maximum) and reapply later in the day if you need to impress post-work. Each spray dries down at the same speed, which means more won't increase the staying power of your fragrance, it'll just make the initial burst eye-watering.

Should you use aftershave down there? ›

Apply Aftershave After Shaving Your Pubic Hair

You may want to continue using aftershave a few hours after shaving the pubic area - or even the day after. A light application is all it takes - and that's much preferred to braving it through itchy redness all day.

What is the point of aftershave? ›

So what does aftershave do? Aftershaves are designed to reduce the irritation, razor burn and bumps caused by shaving. They do this by clearing your pores of any bacteria that may have been present, post-shave, on your skin, and by then sealing up those pores to prevent the entry of any additional dirt or bacteria.

Do men still wear aftershave? ›

Do You Need to Use Aftershave? Not necessarily. You can get away without using it – but it's not always smart, especially if you're prone to irritation. “Aftershave is not always necessary, but can be helpful for men with sensitive skin, acne, or frequent skin irritation,” Batra says.

Which aftershave is best? ›

  • Best Overall Aftershave Balm: Lather & Wood Ultra-Soothing Balm. ...
  • Best Value For Your Money: Clubman Pinaud Aftershave Lotion. ...
  • Best Aftershave Lotion: Marlowe's No. ...
  • Best Cooling Water-based Balm: Davidoff Cool Water. ...
  • Best Post-shave Splash: English Leather By Dana For Men.
Oct 22, 2022

Should I refrigerate my cologne? ›

Yes, absolutely! Storing your perfume in the fridge is the best way to help it stay fresh, especially during the hot summer months. Sunlight, heat from radiators and changes in temperature can all destroy perfume over time, but when stored in the cool, dark fridge it can last for years.

Should you put cologne under your arms? ›

Armpits. The skin in your underarms absorbs fragrances quickly and holds the scent for a long time (sometimes even the next day). This can potentially cause many health problems, especially if you're using a perfume with irritating chemicals.

Should you put on cologne before lotion? ›

Moisturize First

"Fragrances will 'stick' to moisturized skin longer, and you will smell the scent throughout the day." For best results, shower, pat dry, then moisturize before spritzing.

Should I put cologne on my pants? ›

NEVER SPRAY ON YOUR CLOTHES. A fragrance goes through a reaction through heat and will change according to your skin chemistry not the fabric in your shirt. When you spray on your clothes the fragrance does not transition properly into the base notes. Another point is a fragrance has oils that will stain your clothes.

How do you know if you're wearing too much cologne? ›

Ideally, people shouldn't be able to tell you're wearing cologne unless they're within arm's reach of you. If people standing near you are coughing, have watery eyes, complain of a sudden headache, or move away from you at a rapid pace, well, those are all pretty clear signs you've messed up.

Why do you put cologne on your wrist? ›

While spraying perfume on your wrists is the correct move (applying it to pulse points warms it up so it emits fragrance throughout the day), rubbing them together can dull top notes and accelerate evaporation.

What happens if you spray cologne on your neck? ›

Spraying your wrists and neck is purely tradition and has little to no effect on the scent or intensity of the perfume, says Perry Romanowski, a cosmetic chemist and co-founder of The Beauty Brains.

Should you spray cologne and walk into it? ›

Don't spray the cologne into the air and walk through it. Target pulse points, such as your inner wrists and neck. Hold the bottle 3-6 inches away from your skin when spraying. Don't use too much (2-4 squirts are ideal).

Do you spray cologne on chest? ›

Spraying the cologne on your chest will allow you to protect the scent and make it last longer which in turn allows it to linger into the night. Two sprays on the chest and one on the wrist. Don't keep applying it if you don't think it is strong enough. Your nose will get used to it reducing your ability to notice.

Do you spray cologne once or twice? ›

The best way to enjoy your fragrance is to focus application on your pulse points, and two sprays are all you need. These pulsating points warm up on the skin, allowing the scent to diffuse in air.

How much cologne do you put and where? ›

The Wall Street Journal is in agreement. The Journal reports that you should "stick to two" spritzes, "one on the neck and the other in the center of your shirt." Those points are chosen based on where you're likely to perspire.

What happens when you spray too much cologne? ›

slurred speech. lethargy or lack of energy. breath that smells of alcohol. nausea or vomiting.

How often should a man wear cologne? ›

How often you should reapply depends on the cologne formula and your personal preference. But no cologne lasts 24 hours. So if you apply in the morning and you have an event in the evening that you want to smell great for, go ahead and reapply.

Why does cologne not last on me? ›

Why doesn't fragrance last on me? Unfortunately for some people, your body chemistry causes perfumes to evaporate more quickly from your skin. Perfumers would say that your skin throws off fragrance. Instead of lasting for some 3 to 4 hours, it disappears within an hour, sometimes shorter.

How can I smell like perfume all day? ›

30 Tips On How To Wear Perfume And Make It Last Longer
  1. Take a shower or bath before spraying the perfume. ...
  2. Moisturize your skin. ...
  3. Use Petroleum Jelly. ...
  4. Choose the right points. ...
  5. Don't rub your wrists. ...
  6. A distance makes sense. ...
  7. Don't forget about your hair. ...
  8. Don't spray perfume on the clothes.

Why the applying Vaseline makes your cologne last longer? ›

Fine fragrances can cost a fortune, and the more often you apply them, the more of your money evaporates into thin air. By smearing petroleum jelly on your neck before spritzing your perfume, you delay the drying-out process and there's no need to reapply.

Should you put cologne on at night? ›

Yes, you can absolutely wear perfume to bed! Some of us have a signature scent that we adore and want to smell like it all the time. Others find certain scents bring about a sense of relaxation or pleasure. Whatever your reason and choice, perfumes are great for sleep, relaxation and well-being.

When should I apply aftershave? ›

Apply aftershave after a shower, when you are clean and dry. This will help the aftershave to stick to your body and last longer.

When should I use aftershave? ›

Aftershave can have some short-term bacteria-killing benefits if you use it right after you shave. But over time, this can damage your skin. Look for a more soothing aftershave with natural, plant-based ingredients for the best results when it comes to moisturizing, healing, and soothing your skin after a good shave.

Does aftershave last longer than cologne? ›

And as it designed for that, a Cologne will last slightly longer than an aftershave. With a cologne, you're looking at a maximum of around 3-4 hours of getting compliments on your scent before it wears off!

Does aftershave have a best before? ›

Yes, perfume and aftershave both go off. However, keeping your fragrance away from high temperatures and direct sunlight can help to maintain shelf life. Many perfumes don't have a set expiry date and can last anywhere between 1-10 years.

Should I moisturize before or after aftershave? ›

It's important to apply a moisturizing lotion or oil after you shave to help keep your skin hydrated and ready for next time.

What should men put on face after shaving? ›

Moisturize your face immediately after shaving. This is even more important for those with dry skin, as shaving may further dry it out. Try to opt for a deep moisturizing cream or lotion.

Do you use aftershave everyday? ›

Not necessarily. You can get away without using it – but it's not always smart, especially if you're prone to irritation. “Aftershave is not always necessary, but can be helpful for men with sensitive skin, acne, or frequent skin irritation,” Batra says.

What happens if you don't use aftershave? ›

Consumers often turn to aftershaves to maintain healthy skin. Improper shaving can lead to irritation, removal of excessive skin layers, small cuts and ingrown hairs. Reddening and inflammation are common as well. Furthermore, razor shaving in the presence of alkaline shaving soaps could be too harsh for delicate skin.

Do you put aftershave on skin? ›

Aftershave is designed to be used directly on your skin after shaving and can be enriched with a whole host of nourishing ingredients to keep your complexion in top shape. Colognes and fragrances, on the other hand, simply smell nice and are better applied to other areas of your body.

How long does aftershave stay on? ›

The average aftershave, for example, will last up to three hours on the skin while an EDT can last up to six or seven.

How much aftershave should I put on? ›

The ideal amount of aftershave is “a couple of drops,” or about ½ teaspoon. You want to have enough to spread around your cheeks and neck without oversaturating your skin.

Does aftershave last longer in the fridge? ›

Yes, absolutely! Storing your perfume in the fridge is the best way to help it stay fresh, especially during the hot summer months. Sunlight, heat from radiators and changes in temperature can all destroy perfume over time, but when stored in the cool, dark fridge it can last for years.

What type of aftershave should I use? ›

For sensitive skin, it is better to use an unscented aftershave balm or one that's scented with natural essential oils such as lavender, rose, or orange, that don't cause skin irritations. Try to avoid aloe vera. It will simply aggravate the problem.

What should you put on after aftershave? ›

Use a cream to hydrate your skin after shaving instead

Alternatively, you could consider applying a caring balm that matches your -skin -. This will rehydrate your skin immediately after shaving when it has a tendency to dry out most.

Should you shower after aftershave? ›

Shaving during your shower means you get the efficiency of shaving beforehand with the skin soothing benefits of shaving after. Just wash your face, exfoliate (if that's part of your routine), and then rinse off. It couldn't be easier. But don't forget to apply your aftershave after you dry off.

What cologne lasts the longest? ›

Top 20 Long Lasting Perfumes for Men
  • Creed Aventus. Created by Jean-Christophe Herault and Erwin Creed in 2010 is Creed's well-known Chrypre Fruity Perfume. ...
  • Bleu de Chanel. ...
  • Bvlgari Man in Black. ...
  • Byredo Sundazed. ...
  • Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. ...
  • Dior Eau Sauvage. ...
  • Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Parfum. ...
  • Narciso Rodriguez Bleu Noir.
Sep 16, 2022


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