Blu Atlas Atlantis Review: What Are Fragrance Fanatics Saying? (2023)

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By now, you’ve probably heard about the sensational new cologne making waves in the fragrance world. Fragrance fanatics can’t stop talking about this explosively popular scent.

What makesAtlantis EDPfrom Blu Atlas so special? Our Blu Atlas Atlantis review covers everything you need to know about the scent, from top to bottom. We’ll highlight all the important features of the fragrance and share what fragrance fanatics are saying, from the scent itself to the packaging to the premium ingredients.

Atlantis Packaging

Upon arrival, the matte black box opens with an elegant magnetic mechanism. Within, comfortably nestled in black foam, is the black bottle of fragrance.

The black-on-black raised lettering in the center of the bottle is a classy nod to the care and attention put into this affordable yet high-quality fragrance. Most reviewers note that the magnetic cap adds to the overall quality of the cologne. You never have to worry about losing the cap as it slips back into place with a satisfying click.

While the packaging is similar to other high-end fragrances, you get a lot for the price point. Most $100 fragrance options don’t have the classy packaging, magnetic top and sleek matte-black look of Atlantis.

The Atlantis Experience

Every cologne and perfume has an atomizer that sprays the cologne onto the skin. Reviewer Greta Beth went into raptures about Atlantis, saying, “That is a quality atomizer […] I don’t usually see this quality in a hundred-dollar range.”

Blu Atlaswanted to elevate the experience of spraying cologne for their users to create an easy, fast experience in the morning. A good atomizer forces the liquid through the bottle and produces a fine spray. Cheap atomizers deliver the same amount of liquid each time and aren’t pressurized; high-quality atomizers are more precise.

CurlyFragrance notes that the atomizer produces a “good mist.” It’s pressure-sensitive as well, which enhances the experience and allows you to spray as much or as little as you’d like onto the skin. Simply press the top to get more fragrance, and let go when you’re finished. Because the atomizer is pressurized, you can spray the perfect amount each time.

The Atlantis EDP Fragrance

Blu Atlas Atlantis is a fresh, tropical fragrance that transforms as you wear it. SoCal Scents brought on guests to interview about the scent, and Anna Marie Dobbins commented that Atlantis is “a good balance of fruit and smoky.”

Other fragrance aficionados, like CurlyFragrance, share that the fragrance is “citrusy, tropical fruity, oak mossy, and clean white musk” and “very bright, very uplifting, very energizing.”

Ready to explore the notes in the Atlantis fragrance? Let’s dive into the scent and become Atlantis EDP experts.

Refreshing top notes

Top notes are the first notes that greet you when you spray a fragrance. They are usually light, bright introductory notes that last around 15 minutes before drying down and mixing with the middle notes.

For Atlantis EDP, the opening notes of bergamot, lemon and black currant give a “super amount of freshness,” says Fragrance Doud. He goes on to say that the initial top notes wear for around 30 minutes before mixing in with other notes in the blend.

CurlyFragrance points out that out of the top notes, the lemon stands out and “stays throughout the whole fragrance.” While the top notes linger throughout the day, they aren’t the bold, strong notes that last eight hours or more.

Middle notes

As the fragrance unfolds, middle notes start to appear in the aroma. After the top notes dry down, which usually takes around 30 minutes, it becomes easier to smell the bright middle notes.

“Mainly you’re going to get peach and apricot,” says CurlyFragrance. Middle notes clary sage, peach, lavender and apricot shine through and give Atlantis EDP its light citrus and summer vibes.

The notes are fresh without being overbearing, and the fruit notes are appealing without ever being too fruity. The fragrance’s tropical vibe gives it its powerful freshness and appeal. Fragrance fanatic Hunter from Fragrance Hunter says, “Now that mid is just mind-blowing, man.”

Dry down and base notes

Every cologne has a unique dry down. During the dry down, the remaining notes mingle together to form a long-lasting scent. This is when the true heart of the fragrance unfolds.

At Atlantis’ core are masculine, woody notes that tie the cologne together. Base notes of musk, orris, oakmoss, ambrette seed and violet help ground this signature scent. The base notes are what truly make this cologne a sensual, adventurous experience for men.

Deep base notes make the fragrance the perfect choice for night wear, whether you need to attend a work dinner or meet your friends at a nightclub.


Fragrance connoisseurs agree that Atlantis’ staying power is incredible. Like other eau de parfums, it lasts around eight hours, meaning you get a full day of wear with each spray. You have nothing to worry about if you apply the scent first thing in the morning.

If you lead an active lifestyle or have a full event calendar, we recommend reapplying the fragrance after eight hours or before heading to your next party or event. After applying in the morning, you should only need to reapply once throughout the day to get a scent that lasts all day and all night.

Fragrance fanatics’ professional opinions of the scent

Sebastian from Top Notes gives the overall fragrance a 9.5 out of 10 and the overall presentation a 10 out of 10.

Other fragrance connoisseurs give the fragrance rave reviews, with Fragrance Doud saying he thinks it’s the best fresh fragrance he’s worn this year. Other cologne lovers share that it’s their new favorite signature scent, and say it’s one they’ll be wearing daily.

A Versatile Signature Scent

Across the board, fragrance fanatics have something to say about the versatility of the cologne.

“I just really think this is a workhorse,” says Greta Beth, because Atlantis is the perfect fragrance to match any event, season or vibe. You can wear it from work to a wedding rehearsal dinner to a night out.

The versatility of the fresh aroma is unmatched, and while the fragrance carries a strong tropical scent, it’s a great addition to every space. CurlyFragrance confidently declares that it is an “all year-round” fragrance and that “everyone can wear this.”

Due to its versatility, you can wear the fragrance in any season. Steven from Redolessence says, “I think this can be worn on a warm autumn evening, but I think it’s really going to shine in the hotter weather.”

Top Features of the Atlantis EDP Fragrance

What do fragrance connoisseurs love about the scent? Here are the top features that fragrance fanatics can’t stop talking about.

Performance and price point

Darian Hill from the Bow Tie FragranceGuy YouTube channel says that his favorite thing about the scent is the “performance and price point.” Other YouTubers agree. Greta Beth says, “It smells like a $300 fragrance.”

This is the rationale behind the Blu Atlas fragrance design. The brand wanted to make a high-quality designer fragrance that just about anyone can afford. Instead of overpricing the bottle like most designer fragrances, the brand keeps the price point at $100 (less if you buy the cologne in a discounted bundle) so everyone can enjoy the scent.

For a $100 cologne, you get an incredible wear time of up to eight hours, depending on your level of physical activity and sweat.

CurlyFragrance acknowledges the hype surrounding Atlantis and agrees with other fragrance connoisseurs, saying “if you like fresh fragrances, get this one.”

Subtle fragrance

Jeffrey Victor from SoCal Scents describes it as a “second skin” and says that the fragrance is easy to discern within an arm’s length of someone, but becomes much subtler when they’re far away.

This is what so many men love about the Atlantis scent. It doesn’t overpower anyone in the room. Allowing other fragrances in a room to shine through, the scent complements the wearer without coming across as brash or competitive.

Subtlety and wearing the fragrance as a second skin helps the fragrance work in many different settings. Because it’s not overpowering, the notes can mingle with other scents without being pushed aside. The fresh, summery fragrance works well in every season and warms up the wearer and those around them.

Unique, but with mass appeal

Enchant an entire room with an envy-inducing scent. “It’s unique while being mass appealing,” says Greta Beth, and most users seem to agree with her.

When men and women encounter the fragrance, they often say similar things: “Oh, I love that fragrance. Where is it from?” Or “Wow, that smells really nice.” People appreciate the fresh, summery scent that makes them take notice without bashing them over the head.

Because the fragrance is unique while possessing a broad appeal, most people who come into contact with the scent will find something to love.

Made with premium ingredients

Blu Atlas focuses on creating products with clean, premium ingredients for men and women. Vegan and free from harmful chemicals like preservatives, parabens, synthetic dyes and phthalates, it’s an excellent option for folks with sensitive skin.

Putting the health of men and women first, Blu Atlas formulated a fragrance that smells incredible and doesn’t stress out the skin. That’s not as easy as it sounds, as most notes for a fragrance are made in a laboratory to remain pure and potent.

Formulated with industry clean standards, this fragrance takes its job seriously as the best fragrance for men. Each note is selected to create a fragrance that enhances every style and look.

Where Men Are Wearing the Fragrance

As many fragrance fanatics are sharing, the fragrance works well in most settings. During a blind reaction test on SoCal Scents, interviewee Anna Marie Dobbins said that the scent made her feel like she was wearing a white linen suit on a yacht.

Most men are wearing the fragrance as a daily eau de parfum that goes wherever they go, from home to the office to family dinner to a night on the town.

Top Tips and Tricks for Applying Cologne

Do you want your fragrance to stick around and last as long as possible? Follow our top tips and tricks to get a longer-lasting scent.

Best time to apply cologne

The best time to apply cologne is in the morning after you’ve hopped out of the shower or bath. Applying cologne to fresh, clean skin ensures the scent mingles with your natural oils, sticks to the skin and naturally unfolds throughout the day.

If you’re short on time, you can use the fragrance to cover up any unwanted odors. Be aware, though, that colognes will mix with your natural scent and may not completely cover up bad body odors.

If you’ve been in the office all day and are heading to an after-work event, chances are it’s safe to reapply cologne without ensuring the skin is clean. A quick spritz will reignite the fragrance and will last until bedtime.

Experts don’t recommend applying cologne before bedtime…unless your nighttime plans have nothing to do with sleep!

Apply to pulse points

To get a longer-lasting fragrance, apply cologne to your pulse points. Pulse points are areas of the body where blood vessels are close to the skin, and you can easily feel your heartbeat. Common pulse points for cologne wear are the wrists and neck.

Hold the cologne bottle between three and six inches from your pulse point and spray. This ensures an even mist of cologne on the area you’re spraying. Applying cologne too close to the body will drench the skin in scent and will probably be overpowering to you and everyone around you.

Experts don’t recommend spraying cologne on clothes because it cannot mix with your natural oils. Cologne may also damage your clothes, and the scent will fade more quickly. This is also why we don’t recommend the “walk-through” method, in which you spray cologne into the air and walk through it.

Use Vaseline

If you want to extend the life of your cologne, invest in a small tub of Vaseline. Apply Vaseline to pulse points on freshly washed skin. Vaseline will trap the fragrance and ensure it sticks around even longer. Be careful that the Vaseline doesn’t rub into your clothes, however, as it can cause stains and greasy streaks.

Always patch test

A patch test is when you test a self-care product on your skin to see if there is any allergic reaction or irritation. Men and women with dry or sensitive skin should always patch test new products to ensure their skin doesn’t have an adverse reaction.

Clean an area of the skin, like the inside of the wrist, where it will be easy to spot any irritation. Then apply a small dab or spray of your product onto the area. Watch the spot for 24 hours or so to see if the skin reacts to the new product.

Even those who don’t have dry or sensitive skin should patch test new beauty products, especially products like face masks and lotions that are spread all over the skin.

Less is more

Sometimes body odor changes, and we want to cover up bad or funky odors. But when it comes to perfume and cologne, we should never overapply them. Over-applying cologne is a one-way ticket to headaches and complaints from friends, family and coworkers.

If you’re unsure how much cologne is enough, experiment until you find the correct number of sprays. Start with one to two sprays. If the cologne is powerful, this should be enough to carry your scent throughout the day. Ask friends and family what they think and if you could add a spritz or two. Based on their feedback, add one or two more sprays until you find the right amount.

Fragrance Families Explained

Don’t let perfume and cologne brands confuse you. Fragrance families are a simple way to categorize scents. Knowing which fragrance family is your favorite will help you quickly find new fragrances that you enjoy.

There are four main fragrance families: woody, floral, fresh and amber (previously known as oriental). While some notes appear in more than one fragrance family, each group has a strong common fragrance.

  • Woodyfragrances use earthy, masculine nature-based notes that make a fragrance feel like a forest retreat. Common notes include cedarwood, sandalwood, vetiver and oud.
  • Floralfragrances are packed with flowers, powdery scents and other subtle smells that make you feel like you’re walking through a summer garden. Floral fragrances are most commonly found in perfumes for women, though they are increasingly popular in men’s scents. Popular notes include rose, jasmine, apple, lily and orange blossom.
  • Freshfragrances are bright, sharp notes like citrus, herbs and oceanic smells that smell tart or zesty. Fresh fragrances make the wearer feel like they’re next to the ocean or walking through freshly mown grass. Popular notes include sage, grapefruit, lavender, bergamot and fresh herbs.
  • Amberfragrances are spicy, exotic mixes that blend herbs with soft, warm notes. Amber fragrances evoke images of a campfire in the middle of the desert. Common notes include vanilla, musk, cinnamon, patchouli and sandalwood.

Blu Atlas Atlantis EDP falls into the fresh fragrance family, though it also dips its toes into the woody scents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Atlantis EDP safe for sensitive skin?

Atlantis EDP is a vegan product formulated with industry clean standards. The fragrance uses premium ingredients to ensure the safety of your skin and contains no preservatives, synthetic dyes, phthalates or parabens. While the scent may not work well for everyone, the premium formula shouldn’t irritate the skin or cause inflammation. However, those with sensitive skin should always patch test products before applying them to larger areas of the body.

Is Blu Atlas Atlantis a unisex scent?

Yes, Atlantis EDP is technically a unisex fragrance. If you prefer soft, powdery florals, go for it. If you enjoy sharp citrus with bright fruits, this is an ideal scent. Atlantis EDP has a fresh summery fragrance that appeals to both men and women, making it a great unisex scent. As the fragrance dries, more masculine notes shine through, like orris, ambrette seed and musk, giving a more woodsy edge. We know all types of people enjoy this fragrance, and you should wear it if you enjoy it.

Do I need to reapply Atlantis EDP during the day?

The Atlantis EDP wear time depends on your lifestyle. If you’re an active guy or live in a hot, humid region, you’ll most likely need to reapply the fragrance in the afternoon or evening. But your scent will probably last all day if you work in an office or aren’t very active. We recommend reapplying the scent after showering or exercising, as the fragrance can sweat off the body. Always apply Atlantis EDP to fresh, clean skin to ensure the scent mixes with your natural oils.

Can you wear Atlantis EDP to the office and work?

Blu Atlas Atlantis is an incredible fragrance for the office and work. Its subtle, enchanting notes linger all day but are never overpowering, which is what people love about it. The Atlantis scent lies close to the skin, so your coworkers will get a whiff of your fresh cologne but will never complain about an overpowering smell. Fresh tropical notes make it a fun cologne to wear to the office.

Can I spray cologne or perfume on my hair?

No, we don’t recommend spraying cologne or perfume on your hair. Fragrances usually contain alcohol, and when they’re sprayed on the hair, they can cause dryness and damage. Regularly spraying fragrance into your hair can cause frizz, breakage and split ends. If you’re in a bind, reach for a dry shampoo instead of a cologne to cover up any unwanted scents. If you do spray cologne on your hair, wash it out as soon as possible to minimize damage.

What do experts think of Blu Atlas Atlantis?

Fragrance fanatics and experts all agree thatBlu Atlas Atlantisis an incredible fragrance that works well for anyone interested in a new fresh scent. Fragrance experts appreciate the versatility of the aroma and the excellent price point. They know they’re getting a high-end luxury fragrance at the best price. Fragrance fanatics agree that it’s the best fresh fragrance of the year.

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What does Blue Atlas Atlantis smell like? ›

Dry down and base notes

At Atlantis' core are masculine, woody notes that tie the cologne together. Base notes of musk, orris, oakmoss, ambrette seed and violet help ground this signature scent. The base notes are what truly make this cologne a sensual, adventurous experience for men.

How long does Blu Atlas last? ›

When it comes to Atlantis, longevity is actually pretty good. From the first spray, you can expect a longevity of between 6-8 hours. I'd say that's actually slightly above average for a citrus fragrance, which typically start out strong but dry down quickly and disappear completely within around 5 hours.

Is Blu Atlas Atlantis masculine? ›

Blu Atlas Atlantis is a fruity floral musk fragrance for men and was released in 2022.

Can you buy Blu Atlas Atlantis in the UK? ›

Atlantis Eau De Parfum Blu Atlas. 2ml-5ml-10ml DECANT in GLASS - Etsy UK.


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