An interview with Bonnie Camplin (pt. 2) (2023)

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An interview with Bonnie Camplin (pt. 2) (1)

I recently interviewed Bonnie Camplin for ArtReview, which you can read here. The ArtReview piece includes an overview of her work and ideas. The following talk goes deeper into the esoteric side of her thought: on frequencies, disease, and clandestine military programs, which she investigated at length in her Turner Prize show. This talk begins where the other ended, with a discussion of why Camplin recently stopped making art.

So, depending on your personality, you may want to start with part one. Or you may not. The following talk runs in the first print edition of the always spicy Manhattan Art Review.

Take a look at a recent Camplin survey show here at Ebensperger.

An interview with Bonnie Camplin (pt. 2) (2)


How are you spending your time now that you aren’t exhibiting art?


My time at the moment is divided between teaching and being off grid. I'm with my partner in Cumbria. We live in a two-acre wood which is on the edge of a very ancient 200 acre wood. And we live in a yurt. We are growing our own food. He's a little bit more down to earth than I am. He has lived like that most of his life on the road and so on, but I was advised by trusted sources to get more grounded. So I did, and I got married to a bear in a kind of ceremony thing. And then I met a bear-human.


In the past, you seemed like someone who wasn’t interested in being grounded.


I’m a bit of a space cadet, but I'm also a bit of a survivor. So, what happened in this ceremony was that I realized it was all about polarity and fully connecting through, so as to be a proper conduit. Whereas I had been probably a bit too lifted off. You know, and I probably had slightly negative associations with the material world because I associate that with an antagonistic relationship with the material concerns.

And then I participated in a ceremony in circle and I felt what it means to be earth connected, you know, so grounded, rather than kind of stuck. Coming out of that binary of always wanting to go stratospheric because you're sort of snobby about the mundane or whatever Do you know what I mean?


It seems like part of being an artist — pushing away from earthly matters and into abstract reality. How do you address it?


I spoke to a psychic. He said I'm kind of floating off the ground and I need to jump up and down a bit to get more earthed. So, I do a few jumps in the morning to ground myself. I do a bit of that just basic stuff. It’s really improved things I think, to become grounded in a real world in a real way.


I recently moved into a house after years of living nomadically. That felt grounding in a literal way.


It’s even about one's relationship with hard work. When the work is meaningful, doesn't matter how hard it is. You just do it all day. You’re in ceremony, just doing basic things like carrying water. But when it's not meaningful, I become resentful towards it, you know? I love washing up these days. Things like that, when you give it that quality of attention.


(Video) Bonnie Camplin, Camden Arts Centre, 2016

What do you mean when you say “ceremony”?


Well, I mean structured, being-in-circle kind of things: sweat-lodges and suchlike, with those who are specialists to certain lineages. There's a few of those around in England. And because I have felt a very deep need to reconnect with my indigeneity, and the land. And I need help with this because I'm a city girl. And it's been the most creative work I've done in many ways over the last few years, just to go into a trance state, not even, you know, with any plant medicine and stuff like that. Now, I prefer just being completely sober, and doing things very carefully with people who know what they're doing. I’m just going into a semi trance state, a waking dream state, and then you can do all this very creative work. So, I looked for that and I found it.

I have a friend and we've been recording our conversations. We both have Irish ancestry and mixed-race ancestry. And we've been talking about colonialism. We've been talking about how on these islands, we were colonized. We had a full-blown pagan culture, and we were colonized. And then we kind of rolled out that meme elsewhere, but we still have our need to connect with place. So, we've been talking a lot about that. You know someone discovered a sweat lodge site in Wales. It was a thousand years old or something like that. It was ancient, and it was small proof that on these islands, we were doing all these kinds of practices. We had a full-blown nature-connected culture.


Your last and final show was a series of small drawings describing the nature of reality, right?


Those drawings are the last thing I did, but I think I was so kind of massively focused and downloading and I just feel like I can't really top that. I just think they're just brilliant.


What about them was so successful to you?


I just had total clarity and focus. It was literally a lifetime's work of asking about the structure of reality. And I was able to pull it all together. That's 25 years of obsessive researching about physics and motion and specifically, spirals and Victor Schauberger, Dr. Walter Russell and about probability vortices in the Ra downloads plus my little synthesis of all that into a cosmogony story. It’s didactic. I feel like I really cracked it, you know, and I was just really pleased with it. And I haven't really done any drawings since. I had also collected up a whole archive of stuff about anti-gravity technology, zero-point stuff, scalar-wave technology, frequency-based stuff. All that material to do with the dark unacknowledged projects and programs. The whole UFO disclosure thing. It ties in. What is reality? What is electricity, energy, consciousness? It’s a big key, or a big clue even into what's going on, right now. So that’s my little contribution.


How does it reflect on what's happening right now?


Well, we're having a quickening. We’re in this sort of big cycle and we're having a kind of reckoning and things have got hard, got really dark, really dark. And even the kind of science that's involved in this, these ailments that people have been having — that’s frequency-based tech and almost etheric tech. It's not a contagious particle. It doesn't really work like that. And it's hybrid warfare. I've been a bit controversial on that front. Take this wave of illnesses around the lung area. I've been obsessively researching what disease really is and what causes it. And I find it's quite a contrast to how many people have been thinking about it. That’s why I got quite caught up in this research over the last two years. My very strong sense is that it was not what we were being told. I've also been studying the law, the common law, natural law.


What are probability vortices?


Probability Vortices (as defined in the Law of One/Ra Material) are patterns of probability spiraling into and out of existence.


So are you saying that you think that all disease is more related to frequency than it is to germ theory?


Yes. I came across the Terrain Model of disease which is Antoine Beauchamp. Beauchamp was a little bit before Louis Pasteur’s theories like germ contagion in the form of particles, you know, virus, particles. That model was really embraced, by certain entities and groups, because it was a good one for social control. It’s this idea that your fellow human being is a danger, a potential biohazard. It’s a good model for social control and they've used it before. You begin to realize that the Spanish flu was not a contagion by way of person to person contact particle transference. It was a poisoning.


Can you give an example?


Well, one solid concrete example is when cancer patients are subjected to radiation therapy whereby, they're basically zapped with microwave radiation. They can develop what is called “radiation pneumonitis”. So, they develop pneumonia as a direct result of being zapped with certain frequencies. So, frequencies is all about patterns of polarity, isn't it? And your body is a biofield wherein are your cells. It's all about the positive, negative charge on the surface of the cell. And the blood is also about electricity. And if you mess with that, you're going to get problems. This whole thing has been about the ability of the body to uptake oxygen.

An interview with Bonnie Camplin (pt. 2) (3)
(Video) Bonnie Camplin and Paulina Olowska in The Tanks | TateShots


How do you define frequency?


It’s on, off, on, off. It's positive, negative. Spiraling waves between the states of “Is”/ “is not”.


Does this relate to electromagnetic frequencies and musical frequencies?


It does. EMFs are what we think of as those frequencies that are at a rate that happens to be outside of our range of hearing, but these EMF frequencies for instance are measured with an acoustimeter. They are detectable measurable wave-form information the same as is audible sound.


You’ve mentioned the idea that the body is a “liquid crystal.” Is that connected to the notion of frequencies?


Yeah, the body and the brain, especially the brain, is a liquid crystal. We are transceivers of information, and we exist in the information field, that used to be called the ether. The ether was supposedly disproved by the Michelson Morley experiment over a hundred years ago, but then that in turn was disproved in the 20th century. The existence of the ether was re-established and is now known generally as the information-field.

We exist in a kind of a fluid medium, we're part of it and it's called the information field and the information field is programmable. That is the basis of occult science. It's the science of programming the information field. And so Black magic, for instance is the practice of programming the information field with the frequencies of fear, anger, sickness, or scrambling the code or basically infecting the field with a kind of syntax error.

It puts error into what should be a logical free flowing circuitry without contradiction. That is the science of magic. Black magic is practiced by some very powerful people. And it causes a sort of a general malaise. There is also frequency-based tech that works on the same principle. Disease is simply the body being out of balance in terms of acid/ alkaline, electrical polarity and by extension, electrical flow, which has everything to do logic. The body and the brain work exactly as an electrical circuit.

And if there are contradictions in there like blockages, if it doesn't flow, one becomes ill. So, the Terrain theory holds that there is only one disease and there are only 3 causes of disease:

Deficiency; for example of sun, clean air, good nutrition, clean water, physical activity, quality sleep, love & nature)

Toxicity of the internal or external terrain; for example from poisoned food and water, environmental toxicity, processed & refined food, heavy metals, drugs, artificial electromagnetic frequencies.

The 3rd cause being trauma physical or emotional.

There aren't thousands of different diseases, there is only one, it's called allostasis. Allostasis is the body in an active state of returning to homeostasis.

So disease is the body in a state of healing returning to homeostasis or electrical balance. AKA detoxing. Most disease can be healed by fasting, fruit and alkaline foods.

We are constantly bombarded with artificial electromagnetic frequencies, which do not create heat necessarily. Rather, the problem is caused by the fact that they are artificial “Arhythmic” frequencies. So, this is called non-ionizing radiation and the problem is just that it's not in the natural language of our bodies. And so it's like a discordant ugly shape that's causing disruption in our bodies that we're having to constantly try to rectify.

DNA is an “aperiodic crystal”. It’s a harmonic resonator like a transceiver of information and that's what epigenetics is all about. So, sound/frequencies can literally trigger the genes to express themselves in particular configurations, which is epigenetics.

Think of how in cymatics the geometry and form of a medium is affected just with a change in vibration and frequency, and that's what's happening in your body. Isn't it? So, you see it is possible to make people ill from a distance.


How do you think that someone would make the whole world sick with frequency? Why would they want to do that?


As a way of offering a possible clue to an answer to that question I would direct you to a lecture available on YouTube by Dr James Giordino delivered to a military audience. Perhaps you can work your way out from there. The lecture is titled “The brain is the battlefield of the future”. In it he discusses hybrid, multi-platform warfare including unique combinations of frequency-based weaponry and behaviorist mind-control techniques. Notably, when referring to the speculative target of said weaponry he uses the word “populations” where one might expect him to use the word “enemy”.

(Video) "One Of My Worst Experiences In The Den" | Dragons' Den


Do you use your art to transform these frequencies? You’ve made music. Did you think of it in those terms?


That's a brilliant question, because I think that I've come to realize how powerful these things are and how when you're engaging in an inner sort of asking a question of the universe, which is what you're doing when you're making art, you are literally reprogramming the fabric of reality just by asking that question.

So, no one even has to see your painting or work of art before that effect has taken place. But if you're even asking these questions of reality, you are hacking reality in a funny sort of way and thereby reprogramming the information field at large. The value of art, therefore, is at the point of inception rather than at the point of audience reception.

So, you had better be impeccable about what it is you are actually doing. Cause this is the thing about the artworld. They love it. They love you if you're a bit mad and a bit crazy and a bit psychedelic and the weird and the wonderful or whatever; but what if you're putting into the field, if you're reiterating the same old bad patterns? It’s symptomatic that the art world will still reward you for doing that.

Now, what about you: do you go into a bit of a trance when you do your drawings?


Yes. In all these drawings that I've been making the last few years, I just write one phrase repeatedly, and all of the marks come out of just writing one phrase. I think that trance, the theta state, is necessary for the brain to experience. Do you find this to be true?


Human beings are in a perpetual state of trance; that is their natural state. The question is rather at which level or which space becomes the space for that trance-state to inhabit and happen. Wherein becomes the locus of their focused attention and what is the quality of that attention?

Where focus goes, energy flows? I think maybe you are also referring to the “alpha” brainwave state which is the ideal state for inter-dimensional and or non-local attention states.


You’ve done some research into UFOs. What do you think about the recent admission from the US government about the existence of UFOs?


Of course, we're not alone in the universe. Of course, we're not. But for many people connecting with that reality would mean a nervous breakdown. A lot of very intelligent people who like to think they're open-minded would have a nervous breakdown if they were to discover that we've been interacting with other races for a very long time. In fact, forever. Therefore, if there is to be any official disclosure it must be drip-fed slowly, very very slowly for the benefit of those whose paradigm currently cannot accommodate the potentially destabilizing enormity of the implications.


Is art in the future for you as you see it right now?


I think it's becoming more and more the case that my creative focus is primarily in psionic interaction with the rest of nature.

Also, living off-grid is high maintenance, and meaningful physical hard work is very grounding. But at the moment I’m also having these telephone conversations with an artist who goes by the name “The Beat Messenger” where we're doing quite a lot of visioning and mining thereof. We think it's highly likely that she may have been in these unacknowledged “MILAB” (military abduction) programmes where gifted children were identified and tracked and taken off to the side and then involved in highly esoteric military research programmes.


Can you say more about these specific programs? Are these the same as those discussed in your Tate work?


These are the kinds of programmes described in the testimonies shown on the 5 monitors yes.

One example mentioned is the Montauk Project. Probably you've heard of that; time, travel stuff, time-travel experiments.

(Video) Salt Lake City Official Film - 2002 Winter Olympics - Part 5 | Olympic History

We know that consciousness is energy and energy is consciousness and, we know that time is nonlinear.

There is a lot of evidence and a lot of testimony around children being taken and used in experiments of various kinds having to do with the principle of kundalini energy, the nature of time and memory and dimensional access.

So, there are ongoing unacknowledged programs involving children which combine esoteric principles with advanced tech. And my friend has certain memories connected with these and we recently had a whole conversation around the subject of black goo, which is some kind of a nano or femtotech material. It has a whole mythos all of its own that is archetypal and has to do with certain internal geometries. As a child, she called it black jelly.


What is that? I’ve heard of grey goo…


They used to call it grey goo and it's like a semi-sentient fluid or Magneto-fluid stuff. There's nano tech, but this is probably, femtotech, it's more advanced. Nano is a certain order of magnitude and femto is even smaller.

So, we're kind of basically mining her memories together. If she were to go to a classical psychotherapist for example and if that psychotherapist because of their own limited world-view did not have a context or a model with the sufficient range in terms of what they can consider to be possible then it’s likely that the therapist would be framing my friend’s experiences in a way that would not and could not acknowledge them as actual experiences. This in itself would be a kind of violence and historically traditionally has been in so many cases.


What about you and your personality is drawn to studying these programs and technologies?


I’m naturally inquisitive and my father advised me at a very young age to always question everything.

Regarding the specifics, I already know the concepts and principles found within the testimonies which we discussed. I came into this realm already knowing the principles and therefore have a ready and easy grasp of the principles.

I also have somewhat of an analytical engineer’s mind that tends to hyper-systematize dynamically or multi-dimensionally.

Like any scientist I notice the patterns and investigate further. If there seem to be incongruities in the pattern-coherence of a given system, then I question the internal logic of that system.

For example, most of what has been presented to me throughout this lifetime as “consensus reality” I have found to be riddled with holes and incongruities.

And so, as part of my continued project of interrogating the technologies of mind-control and social control to which we have been historically subject, the central question for example of the MIC project experimental research facility shown at the Tate/ Turner prize exhibition, The Military Industrial Complex, was how to challenge conventional ways of presenting and evaluating information as evidence, as part of ongoing research into ways of de-colonizing the mind.


To what degree do you believe in all of the ideas you research? Is belief important to the process?


The nature of this realm is such that myth and reality continue to fold into and out of one another. There is no state of attention existing outside of belief. Belief is a skill set that must be honed and perfected

When I think of the belief I think “be leaf” like a leaf being carried along on a stream.

I think of Bruce Lee “be like water”.

There are belief streams to ride according to what rings true and what resonates.

Belief is a fluid interim or transitional state. Belief is not knowing.

And so I’m an ultra-skeptical super-believer until such times as I know.

An interview with Bonnie Camplin (pt. 2) (4)


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